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CRASH the Legislative & Regulatory Conference

June 20, 2022

ICUL is invested in creating opportunities for emerging credit union leaders to network and grow. One example of this initiative is CRASH Leg Reg - an opportunity to attend the Legislative & Regulatory Conference with waived registration fees. The conference gives attendees the opportunity to hear from elected officials, community leaders, regulators, and leading industry speakers. Crashers gain a better understanding of legislative issues facing credit unions, learn from the best and brightest in the credit union regulatory space, and connect with other credit union peers. 


Four emerging leaders were selected to CRASH Leg Reg in 2022.  Here is what they have to say about their experience!


Christina Rauch

The Legislative and Regulatory Conference was one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had to date. It was great to realize that we aren't just credit union employees, but that we are advocates for ourselves AND for our members! It was highly motivating to know that our opinions DO matter and to make change we must communicate our positions with the people who WE elect as our leaders. How are legislators ever going to make informed decisions if they have no input from their constituents? It was an entirely new environment that I learned very much from while attending. Regulatory Day was also full of  insightful information that I took back to my credit union to begin using immediately. I appreciate the opportunity to broaden my horizons and think about things in a way that I hadn't done previously. Great experience!  -Christina Rauch


Abby Sprague


As a new credit union employee, the opportunity to CRASH Leg Reg was invaluable. Nothing compares to meeting other credit union employees and learning from their wealth of knowledge and experience. It was great to catch up with my legislators and meet new ones that represent members across our various branches. Hiking the Hill with other credit union employee s made it easy to share information about the issues that are important to our industry and our members. While I find the "Leg Day” a little more fun than  the "Reg Day," I made note of numerous things that were mentioned during the Regulation portion of the conference. These notes will be useful when it comes to best serving our membership and living out our mission of financially empowering central Iowa. I am very grateful for the opportunity to CRASH Leg Reg!                                 -Abbey Sprague



Utonda DuBois


CRASH Leg Reg was an experience that I am truly thankful for! I thought I had a passion for advocacy before I attended, however I believe that my passion grew even deeper after the sessions. I realized how important it is to stand for what you believe in and always make your voice heard. Most importantly, I learned to never give up on your passions even when you feel like things aren't working out in your favor.                                       -Utonda DuBois






Natalie Payne


My biggest takeaway from this experience was that there is always  something to be fighting/advocating for and that there is always  room for improvement. I learned that advocating helps show our communities we are with them and  stand with them. We also need to improve how we run as credit unions and what would be best for us and our members. Both are so important. -Natalie Payne




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