Serve Credit Union announces the scholarship winners in partnership with Des Moines Police Burial Association

Every year, Serve Credit Union partners with the Des Moines Police Burial Association to award 5, $1,000 scholarships to their members. They had to complete an application and submit an essay to the following prompt:

"A Federal Reserve study found that 44 percent of American households felt they would not have enough savings to cover a $400 emergency." 
How would your quality of life be affected by being a part of this crisis and what steps can you take to give yourself more financial security?"

The 2020 winners:

Tarryn Hill: “Most people don’t anticipate to experience these, but hearing stories from my father who is a firefighter, unexpected financial disasters occur all too frequently.Financial disaster can be avoided, or at best minimized, by knowing that emergencies are bound to happen, and accounting for them in a person’s everyday budget.”

Ronald Kouski: “Budgeting a certain percentage of income towards emergency funds is indeed the best way to do it, and if done properly, not only would I be able to pay off any emergency expenses, I would be able to sleep better at night knowing that I have a safe cushion in my bank account.”

Hope Ung: “I was fascinated that even though you can’t completely control where the future will take you, you can determine your fate to some extent by how well you manage your money. I am not one to shy away from a challenge, let alone a crisis. Although a crisis is never expected, I believe my practice of financial security puts me in a good position to handle one if it were to happen.”

Gabby Chiodo: “The lessons my parents taught me weren’t easy for me to learn as a young girl, but now, as I enter adulthood, I am thankful my parents taught me how to save. I opened a savings account when I was four and would go in with my dad after every birthday, Christmas or holiday to deposit any money I’d been gifted into that account.”

Owen Ness: “If I were to have an unexpected four-hundred dollar expense right now I am proud to say I could pay for it due to the financial education I have acquired in the last year. While I would not consider myself wealthy by any means, I am confident in the planning and saving techniques I have under my belt.”

Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship winners! We are so proud of your efforts!

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